Tractor Harvesting

Are your machine maintenance records up to date?

Indeed, the off-season is the perfect time to service and repair all those machines and equipment not currently in use. It’s also a good time of year to upgrade or replace a piece of equipment. Every farmer knows that harvesting and drilling is more efficient and productive when machinery is in good working order.

While on many farms, log keeping is still paper based it doesn’t have to be. Today’s technology can make checks and electronic record keeping faster and much easier. Paper involves the records being kept in one place and may not be easily found when needed. So, we have a solution for you…. MeritAgCheck.

MeritAgCheck is a machinery and vehicle health and safety app, which you can use to record daily machinery checks, monitor defects and add any servicing, maintence or inspection records. Anything recorded can then be used by technicians responsible for fixing the equipment.

MeritAgCheck can also help you to monitor equipment maintenance, meaning a service won’t be overlooked or become overdue without your knowledge. You can quickly and easily track your equipment’s maintenance information all in one place.

Give MeritAgCheck a go. It’s so simple and efficient, you’ll have to admit that digital record keeping beats paper, hands down.