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“When it comes to farming, understanding liability and negotiating your way around health and safety regulations can be difficult. Today the man on the tractor seat is also responsible both for maintaining his equipment and reporting any defects that might affect safety. It’s something every farmer needs to be aware of and taking the necessary precautions. Today there is an app that can make daily checks easier”. This is the opening remark in an excellent MeritAgCheck app review carried out by machinery writer Simon Henley for Farm Machinery Journal, UK’s leading publication specialising in reporting on the latest developments and innovations in the world of agricultural machinery and equipment.

In September, Simon agreed to give MeritAgCheck a trial run for a week, with intensive usage. His expertise in writing about a whole range of different machines and farming challenges made him an ideal person to share his insights from an app user perspective. He writes in detail about MeritAgCheck works, listing its many features and the efficiencies it brings to a farm operation managing heavy machine maintenance.

His full review can be read here.

A point to note here is that Simon reviewed the first iteration of the app, but it has since evolved to include added functionality that farmers told us they wanted. We have developed MeritAgCheck through user feedback to ensure MeritAgCheck is benefiting the user the best it can. Added features include the ability to record operator training certification, so that expired training certificates that affect regulated machine usage becomes a headache of the past. In addition, the number of machine checklists will soon reach more than 200.

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